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This article should be called “Cretan Filled Tomatoes”, but it just didn’t happen. With this memory of mine, that I can never remember nothing which I didn’t write down, spoken recipes are bound to die. This is one reason I started with Peeping Tummy; so I can go back and find out how to cook again that delicious piece. This... READ MORE >>>

February 20, 2016 [ 2 Comments ]

Crispy Smelts [Atherina]


I was recently thinking of the sick phenomenon in English language. If you’re carsick, car makes you sick. If you’re  seasick sea makes you sick. But homesick is when you miss home. I don’t want to disturb any linguists here, but I usually feel seasick in a homesick way – if I may.I was born and lived in a city with 2 seas... READ MORE >>>

February 9, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

Summer Squash


I wanted my first article to be my mother’s olive oil summer squash, for good luck. Mum has superpowers such as preparing 3 meals in 15 min and leaving the kitchen super clean. Apparently this is what happens a working single mum raises two kids. All of my mum’s meals are practically quick, but also delicious as she reveals a... READ MORE >>>

February 6, 2016 [ 2 Comments ]