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Fresh Fava Beans

taze ic bakla mezesi

We are finally in May; this is the time for fresh onion, fresh garlic, asparagus, fresh fava beans, artichoke, knotweed, purslane, sea bean salicornia, crocus, mustard green, nettle, chicory and wild spinach. At least in the Mediterranean climate area. Meaning it's time to fill the artichokes with fresh fava beans, making fava salads and meshed fresh fava meze. This recipe is a simply delicious-ly celebration of wonderful fresh fava and pea along with dill; should be served with virgin olive oil, and must be eaten in room temperature.

May 4, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

Pan Fried Bogue Fish


An Aegean fish enlightened our table: Bogue, Kubbes or as in Latin “Boops Boops”. I realized my mum bought like tons of them in the season (May-April) while they were as cheap as water. She apparently tried every version; grilled, pan fried, oven roasted. And filled the freezer with the rest of them. Seems like we have fish to fill... READ MORE >>>

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