Eggs on Spinach Root


Do you know that one of the most nutritious part of spinach are roots and stem? – Of which I usually see people just go ahead and waste. We have a very Mediterranean cure for that: We have delicious meal prepared with these root and stem. In southern cuisine, spinach root is baked, roasted or steamed with rice and olive oil. But one of my personal favorite recipes, and the queen of my breakfasts lately is simple as that: Eggs on spinach root.

Buy fresh spinach from farmers market. Use the leaves in pasta sauce, in quiche or make it creamy with cheese and walnuts… How you would prepare them is up to you, just don’t waste the stem and root.

There is this thing about the roots; is that they are probably very sandy. Spare them and soak them in vinegar water, then wash. Spinach stem and roots are real good for you, but also their sour-fresh taste is priceless. Combined with several eggs, they’ll illuminate your breakfast or brunch.



  • spinach stem and roots
  • 2 eggs
  • cottage cheese (optional)
  • black pepper, salt
  • olive oil, butter
  • vinegar


Eggs on Spinach Root Recipe

  1. Soak root and stem on water, add vinegar
  2. Wait minimum half an hour, then wash
  3. Add butter and olive oil on hot omelet pan, then add the root and salt
  4. When roasted a bit, add the eggs and cheese, wait until cooked
  5. Serve with crashed red pepper


June 22, 2016



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