Georgian Kidney Bean Walnut Soup [ Lobio]

They are cooking Kidney Bean Walnut Soup in a friendly tiny homemade soup restaurant across the river from my place. It’s so delicious; whenever they have it I take a bowl and enjoy every spoon. Very tasty and very satisfying with an interesting twist to the taste.
The other day I met the cook outside the door taking fresh air. First I congratulate her for the amazing handmade chacapuris, and then asked the secret of the soup.
To my surprise, the soup was made of walnuts. A traditional Georgian soup called Lobio; made of beans, walnuts and coriander. This pleasant meal is as satisfactory as homemade red lentil soup, a real winter threat. Here, enjoy the recipe from the cook herself;


•    300gr red kidney beans
•    Two onions
•    one cup of walnuts
•    one carrot
•    a handful of fresh coriander
•    two garlic cloves
•    black pepper, salt, cumin
•    olive oil


Georgian Kidney Bean Walnut Soup Recipe
I.    Soak the beans in warm water over the night.
II.    In a large pot, add 5 cups of water and salt to the strained beans, let it boil.
III.    Roast the walnuts in a pan with a little bit of butter, then crash with a hand blender
IV.    Meanwhile cut the onion into cubes. Add olive oil to a pot, roast the onions for 5 min, then add carrots and garlic in very little cubes. Roast another 10min.
V.    When the beans are cooked, set 2 cups of beans and 1 cup of the boiling bean water in a blender, crash them together with the half of the vegetables in the pot. Make a puree.
VI.    There is the other half of the beans in the pot. Add the puree and the rest of the vegetables in. Add more water according to how thick you’d prefer the soup. Let it simmer for 10 min with salt, black pepper and cumin
VII.    Turn of the fire, add cumin, mix and let it rest for 15-20min
VIII.    Serve with whisked white yogurt.

April 11, 2016



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