Salmon Shrimp & Spinach Cashew Mini Quiches


Little quiches are juicy, crispy and absolutely addictive. After eating them the whole day, I still returned home with 8 of them, which were eaten during the next day! Beware of too much unexpected butter in the metabolism. Be nice to yourself; eat only a couple of them in a day and with lots of green salad aside!

July 21, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

The Perfect Quiche Dough & The Mediterranean Stones


Evie is my free-time senior quiche chief who perfected the art through the years and many different experiments. And she was baking mini-quiches over and over for several weeks. Those are tiny little crispy beauties; savory or sweet, with different fillings. My favourites from her selection are with seafood and spinach. With some nuts inside. Her little quiches are juicy,... READ MORE >>>

July 14, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

Eggs on Spinach Root


Do you know that one of the most nutritious part of spinach are roots and stem? – Of which I usually see people just go ahead and waste. We have a very Mediterranean cure for that: We have delicious meal prepared with these root and stem. In southern cuisine, spinach root is baked, roasted or steamed with rice and olive... READ MORE >>>

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