It’s summer!


It’s finally summer! Time for sharp colors, beautiful dresses, picnics in parks, trips to lakes, lazy time by the seaside, homemade popsicles, sun tan on my nose and shepherd salad.. And it’s time to take it easy, with the explosion of tastes in veggies, even brunch can be as simple as Greek yogurt on freshly baked bread served with tomato-cucumber... READ MORE >>>

June 5, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

Pho Bo / Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup


Pho Bo, aka Pho Beef Noodle Soup is the national meal of Vietnam. Cooked in gigantic pots and served in huge family gatherings; this soup is full of character and nutrition. It does take hours to prepare the soup, but the broth is the only long lasting part. Aromatic meat broth can be cooked in large quantities then freezed, which makes it possible to prepare practical mini Pho Bo's later in the week.

May 30, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

Beetroot Quinoa


Too much was said about quinoa. We were taught that they’re incredibly nutritious, wildly protein-rich with essential amino acids, very high in fiber and are loaded with anti-oxidants. Quinoa is the hip superfood of the day. But then again, they are the main meal of Bolivian farmers, which means make it become an overpriced super star meal that everyone must... READ MORE >>>

May 16, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]