Summer Squash


I wanted my first article to be my mother’s olive oil summer squash, for good luck.

Mum has superpowers such as preparing 3 meals in 15 min and leaving the kitchen super clean. Apparently this is what happens a working single mum raises two kids.
All of my mum’s meals are practically quick, but also delicious as she reveals a secret taste from veggies and meat with alchemy: Practical Istanbul Cuisine.

Although these squash are Mediterranean.
Young zucchini, dill, tomatoes were bought from local farmers market. Olive oil is from gardens around the town, coming in 10-15 liter barrels. The taste and smell of this plate is already significant. There is nothing like vegetable from a known source and consumed on season.

It hardly took my mum 10 min to prepare this meal. Washed the squash, cut into cubes, added chopped onions, grated tomatoes, rice on the top. Topped with salt, sugar and olive oil, cooked in the lowest fire. When the rice was soft, added the dill, it was ready to serve when  on the room temperature.

I can eat kilos of this light meal I guess, and still want more.

Well of course mothers touch is something else, when I put the rice on the top, it wouldn’t cook. And additionally, I’m using honey instead of sugar in many occasions.

So I’m giving you the recipe with my mum’s method but with my small touch. Enjoy!


•    a kilo of small summer squash (zucchini)
•    medium size onion
•    medium size tomato
•    a handful of rice
•    salt, honey, olive oil
•    dill


Summer Squash Recipe
I.    Wash the squash, cut them into large cubes
II.    Cut the onion into cubes, grate the tomatoes
III.    In a pot put the rice which you wash in your hand, then the squash. Add onion and tomato.
IV.    Add a tablespoon of salt and honey and two spoons of olive oil. Pour half a cup of water from the side, let it cook slowly with the lid closed on the smallest fire.
V.    Do not open the lid for half an hour, check the rice then.
VI.    When the rice is cooked, remove from fire. Add fresh chopped dill, close the lid. Let is rest.
VII.    Serve on room temperature.

February 6, 2016



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  • The loveliest things are the simplest things… in season, as you say. This food makes me so nostalgic for Turkish food cooked in a friendly kitchen in Turkey… Thanks for sharing the kind of food that reminds me of my childhood

    • peeping tummy

      Thank you dear Evie. Μια Φάτσα Μια Ράτσα!