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Pan Fried Bogue Fish


An Aegean fish enlightened our table: Bogue, Kubbes or as in Latin “Boops Boops”.

I realized my mum bought like tons of them in the season (May-April) while they were as cheap as water. She apparently tried every version; grilled, pan fried, oven roasted. And filled the freezer with the rest of them. Seems like we have fish to fill a large family over the winter. This is what I call a good life.

Bogue is a scrumptious, a bit bony, a bit fatty and very efficacious, a completely no bullshit fish. Smells like seaside, looks like holidays!

The way we usually prepare sea fish is very simple; fish is cleaned, salted, covered with flour, lightly fried on pan, served with lots of salad like arugula, fresh onion and lots of lemon. Seafood is delicious; there is no need for extra fat, sauce or spices, just the celebration of freshness with salads…

But the Bogue aroma is so delicious, it does not even need flour. All you need is a bit of virgin olive oil in the pan and the trick is done. When it comes to Brogue, grilling isn’t recommended, better roasted in the pan or oven.



  • Brogue fish
  • Olive oil, salt
  • Arugula, tomatoes, lemon, red onion to serve


Pan Fried Bogue Recipe

  1. Put the pan on fire, heat it up and add olive oil
  2. Salt the fish, cook one side and the other
  3. Serve with arugula, tomatoes, red onion and lots of lemon.
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