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Stuffed Artichoke with Fava Beans


It’s the season! In farmers market shelled artichokes are filled in barrels with lemon water, sold in high prices. My mum teases the seller, why so expensive? Are they covered in gold flakes? Seller quickly defends herself; I promise ma’am it’s the same prices with last year, we almost have no gain… After a light battle of words they became friends, so the lady adds a handful of fava beans for free along with our artichokes.

It goes without saying, all over the world small producers are at loss while huge supermarkets, gigantic corporations, robotic people with no relations to the product they’re selling are winning. This is why we go to farmers market so we can chat a bit about what we buy, make some jokes, and ask where this veggie is coming from and how to cook it.

Since the seller lady added fresh fava beans with the artichokes, the message is clear: Artichoke dolma! Now it’s our task to buy fresh green peas and dill.

This glorious messenger of summer is like sunshine in our kitchen. An elegant and refreshing creation with colors of bright yellow, green and greener, this is a full Mediterranean look. What can I say, this dolma makes a better mood.


We started with shelling the beans and peas, cubing the onions. We added to the cooking pot fava beans, then onion and peas in this order. Then drizzled a spoonful of honey. Artichokes were located on upside down, with one lemon’s juice and some virgin olive oil, vegetables were left on low fire to be cooked slowly.

When peas were cooked and the lid was open, the view was like a flower garden; a fresh beautiful meal even as it is.

When the pot was on room temperature it takes only 5minutes to fill the artichokes and decorate with dill. Then 2 minutes for me to eat them all. But of course it’s bad manners to eat em all, I must share.

Everyone loved this dolma. Except Yusuf. He is an Eastern Mediterranean boy, he cannot be satisfied with vegetables only; meat must be eaten with it. So we took away some kofte for him, he was happy. But after then he gave full points to artichoke dolma, which he tasted first time ever. So wonderful is this recipe; wins the hearts of even the sole-meat eaters!



  • 8 artichokes, shelled
  • fresh fava beans (one handful)
  • fresh peas (one handful)
  • medium size onion
  • 1 tbs honey
  • one lemon
  • dill


Artichoke Dolma with Fresh Fava Beans Recipe

  1. Shell beans and peas. Cube the onions
  2. In a large pot add beans, onions and peas in this order. Sprinkle salt and honey on top
  3. Locate the artichokes upside down on top. Add one lemon’s juice, virgin olive oil and half cup of water. Close the lid and let it cook on small fire
  4. When the beans are cooked remove from fire but wait for about 1 hour with the lid on.
  5. When the pot is in room temperature, take the artichokes on a separate serving plate, fill with the bean pea mixture.
  6. Decorate with fresh dill and serve with lemon and more virgin olive oil


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Fresh Fava Beans

taze ic bakla mezesi

We are finally in May; this is the time for fresh onion, fresh garlic, asparagus, fresh fava beans, artichoke, knotweed, purslane, sea bean salicornia, crocus, mustard green, nettle, chicory and wild spinach. At least in the Mediterranean climate area. Meaning it's time to fill the artichokes with fresh fava beans, making fava salads and meshed fresh fava meze. This recipe is a simply delicious-ly celebration of wonderful fresh fava and pea along with dill; should be served with virgin olive oil, and must be eaten in room temperature.

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Crispy Smelts [Atherina]


I was recently thinking of the sick phenomenon in English language. If you’re carsick, car makes you sick. If you’re  seasick sea makes you sick. But homesick is when you miss home. I don’t want to disturb any linguists here, but I usually feel seasick in a homesick way – if I may.I was born and lived in a city with 2 seas... READ MORE >>>

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