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Parasol Mushroom on Butter


This wild mushroom called Parasol or Macrolepiota procera are found usually under oak and pine trees or on lawns, trail and woods edges. They appear as a grayish egg in the beginning, grow to have a long stem and an umbrella-opening cap. Color is off white; the body and the cap are decorated with crisp grey scales. They may be recognized with a ring under the cap leaning towards the stem.

Apart from the wonderful taste, these mushroom are winners with the looks. They are visible from the distance with a slender appearance behind the grass, with long stem and large cap: real handsome ones. What a child would draw as an ideal mushroom-looking mushroom.
Then again one must pay attention not to pick them up before being hundred% sure, there are poisonous species with the similar looks and characteristics; if you don’t know exactly, the risk is large.


How to prepare parasol mushrooms? If you haven’t tried them already this is what you need to know: They taste amazing! The other day I read an article stating that if you are a lamb lover, you may prefer it over with well-prepared parasol. The odor and the texture is just flawless.

Yet it’s hard to say that parasols can be cooked in many ways as any other mushroom can. I won’t suggest to use them with eggs, or adding them in a soup. Of course you can use them in heavy-cream mushroom sauce after roasting. Or they can be covered with eggs and flour then deep fried. But I personally think; that the best is to roast them in the pan with butter in low fire. No need to complicate things. Just add salt and cumin, here you go, you just created a top quality sider for beer.

Here is the technique: Cut the mushrooms in a way that their surface would contact the pan most. Add butter on pan, let it melt on low fire. Place the parasols to the pan next to each other, but do not overcrowd the mushrooms. Add salt and cumin. Don’t move them until brown in the bottom. Then carefully change the side. When both sides are browned, parasols are ready to serve. I did mention they taste great with beer, did I not?


More info about wild mushrooms collecting HERE

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