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It’s summer!


It’s finally summer! Time for sharp colors, beautiful dresses, picnics in parks, trips to lakes, lazy time by the seaside, homemade popsicles, sun tan on my nose and shepherd salad..

And it’s time to take it easy, with the explosion of tastes in veggies, even brunch can be as simple as Greek yogurt on freshly baked bread served with tomato-cucumber salad and virgin olive oil. Yum!


June 5, 2016 [ Leave a comment ]

Summer Squash


I wanted my first article to be my mother’s olive oil summer squash, for good luck. Mum has superpowers such as preparing 3 meals in 15 min and leaving the kitchen super clean. Apparently this is what happens a working single mum raises two kids. All of my mum’s meals are practically quick, but also delicious as she reveals a... READ MORE >>>

February 6, 2016 [ 2 Comments ]